Witch girl?

Last month I was asked twice if I am a witch. I took it as a compliment. But I am now beginning to think, what with all of the black, velvet, gold and wine coloured pieces of clothing that I own, along with semi-precious stone and crystal jewelery, that I do maybe give off the air of being in to witchcraft. Uh-oh! 
And to top it off, I bought a black velvet jacket yesterday (and it has a purple silky lining ooooh) from a charity shop. hah! I really need to stop!
 This shirt is from a charity shop, £1.70 YEAHH.

 Black velvet jacket with purple lining!

Also, I’ve still got creepers on the brain.


2 thoughts on “Witch girl?

  1. Such a lovely witch you make! I meant that in the most magical sense, of course. I truly love your style. The rich fabrics and the colors you choose are a feast for my current fashion deprived eyes.

    Thanks for following me, by the way!



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