I spend half of my time living in a busy town centre, and the other half living in the middle of nowhere. I have to say, I much prefer the middle of nowhere. Today, after work, I went for a cycle around the area, as surprisingly, I don’t really get enough time to explore because I usually get here after dark. I found some amazing clearings brimming with little hopping rabbits minding their own business and tiny white flowers just creeping out of the ground. Exploring this area is going to be happening much more often! Also, I am finally introducing my Bicycle, whom I have named Tallulah. I spent most of last summer riding her around and hope to do the same this summer. She is old and rickety/queeky/falling apart but i love her so!  

Black peter pan collar dress – Miss Selfridge, years ago.
Black sheer dress – H&M
First cardigan – Topshop
Second cardigan – Somewhere in Canada
Velvet jacket – Charity shop
Boots – Gift from Keita
Cat ring – Antique market stall in Ipswich

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