Tropical Wings

Family outing alert! We all went to Tropical Wings today, a butterfly house/teeny tiny zoo, it was baking hot. I think that this is the first time……ever? That I’ve got my legs out without a problem, you know it’s hot when I get the pasty pegs out. You need sunglasses to look at them!
I bought the dress from the Urban Outfitters summer sale just after my birthday and haven’t really had a chance to wear it yet, it’s a bit big so it makes me look as though I haven’t got a waist (Which I guess I should have remedied with a belt of some sort, but I was in a rush this morning!) but apart from that it is lovely and light and breezy, perfect for a muggy day like today. I was also wearing wedges, but had to change into something flat because it was gravely and I was hobbling along like a duck.
Dress – Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Traders Of The East (Colchester)
Necklace and earrings – made myself


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