Helping Out

On Saturday I helped out at a local fete (I was part of a human fruit machine!) and got to have a little rummage of the things that didn’t sell at the end of the day, and take them home for freeee! Pictured are three records; Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake and The Nut Cracker Ballets,  60’s/70’s French hits and Holst – The Planets, London Symphony Orchestra. Also an extremely heavy wrought iron and green glass goblet type ting (which is most likely going to be used as a vase) and a glass corked bottle (which is also most likely to be used as a vase). I also found some lovely maroon chiffon curtains and some lace doilies, along with a brown cardigan, black and white striped t-shirt and some leggings! All of which will probably pop up on here at some point in the near future. All in all, it was a good day for interesting finds.
p.s: completely off topic, but I’ve made myself a new flickr which is purely for my artwork/illustration. I seem to be obsessed with organising my online life but not my real life life. link link link


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