Pretty Things


These are a bunch of things that I will probably never own due to my current unemployment but are so pretty I had to share. At the moment I keep torturing myself and skimming over the Modcloth website, only to fall in love with a bunch of things and then curse myself for not having a job (I am trying!).

also, I have two current obsessions at the moment; 1.1910/20/30’s fashion, style and artefacts, and 2. lingerie! Here are a few of my favourite Tumblr picks over the past week:

omgthatdress tumblromgthatdress tumblr2omgthatdresstumblr3pinterestomgthatdresstumblr_m3x9mzTkyf1qiuhv0o1_400tumblr_m3sb7m2RvK1qa8awvo1_500tumblr_m26hat5fBc1rpdiseo1_1280

(click on each photo for links back to source blogs)


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