Second Hand Furniture

For a little while now (try a couple years maybe!) I have been wanting to start painting second hand furniture and selling it. I know this is a very saturated market right now (possibly an understatment), and I should have been a bit more proactive when my idea first came about, but without a way of getting furniture back to my house (I don’t drive), and without a lot of money, its been a long time coming!
I’m hoping to start a new Etsy Shop soon to sell my hand painted furniture and other curiosities, although that may not be for a few more months until I can get some “stock” behind me.
Below is an example of the kind of thing that will eventually be on offer!

A few weeks ago I bought a cupboard from a second hand furniture shop. It was a bit beaten up and in need of some love, so I sanded it down and repainted it on my days off work. I’ll probably tweak it a little over the next few days, the Waxwings need yellow detailing, but it’s pretty much finished!


Hand painted cupboard


Hand painted cupboard
Hand painted cupboard

Hand painted cupboard

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