2016 and the past year in photos

Happy New Year!

2016! It’s here! Hope everyone had a good start to the new year. I personally stayed at home with a few friends, it was quiet and cozy and my idea of a perfect beginning. Does anyone still do new year resolutions? I try to, and am glad to say I actually stuck to a couple of them through 2015.

This year mine are a bit smaller. Little things like; try not to be so camera shy when other people are taking photos (I guess this is actually kind of a big deal for me, believe it or not) and try to post here at least bi monthly.
Does anyone out there have any good ones that you are going to try to stick to/start?

Last year felt pretty quiet, but when I look back, a lot has happened!

In the first half of the year I went to see First Aid Kit at Cambridge corn Exchange,

I painted my first piece of furniture,
Hand painted cupboard

We visited London for Valentines day, and found an apt scribble on some steamy glass

Painted our living and dining room (even though we probably weren’t allowed to…the perils of renting).

And I had fun trying on Harrys grandmas wedding dress, which fit me as if it were made for me (very weird!)
In the second half we visited London again for my birthday and stayed in the beautiful Town Hall Hotel.

We visited Ickworth House with friends and did a lot of vintage shopping at the wonderful Fairweather Vintage in Ipswich
Ickworth House

My sister got MARRIED!! And I’m going to be Auntie Meg this March!
Amey Matthews Wedding July 30th 2015

I started my own business partnership; Stark & Goodwin Interior Advisors.
Visited Brighton with Harrys family to see The Polyphonic Spree,

Stark & Goodwin started our first project management client,

We visited London AGAIN to see Adem and stayed at an AirBnb that was full of vintage and antique pieces.

We celebrated Halloween with a spooky house party

And had Christmas with Harrys family. (I had a horrible cold, and couldn’t taste Christmas dinner, but I powered through!)


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