A Winter Wedding Guest: Outfit

Harry’s cousin got married a couple of days ago at a beautiful old Manor House in Yeovil; Brympton House. Pictures of that will be coming soon! I ended up (completely subconsciously, I promise) dressing as a shiny gold nutcracker, oops!

I’ve had this jacket near on 7 years now and I’ve only worn it a handful of times out of self consciousness. I looked at it hanging in my wardrobe the week before the wedding and thought to myself “wow Meg, you are so silly” and decided to pair it with this brand new gold swing dress from Joy. Which I will probably also be wearing Christmas Day because; why not! It’s shiny and gold! I will say – it does nothing for me without a belt, though. Swing dresses DO NOT suit my shape at all.

On a different note – Happy Christmas everyone! This may well be my last blog post of 2016… I hope everyone has a food and family/friend filled day XOXOX

1. Jacket – H&M
2. Gold swing dress – Joy
3. Belt – Levi’s
4. Tights – Monki
5. Bottle green brogues – Clarks


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