Free iPhone & iPad Wallpapers: The Breakfast Edition

A breakfast themed iPhone and iPad background for all you fellow breakfast lovers out there. Click on the links below to download for free!
I Had so much fun using my Promarkers & Procreate on my iPad to make this; hope you like them!


iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6 & 7
iPhone 5/5s/5c

iPad Retina

Vegan Breakfast:

iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6 & 7
iPhone 5/5s/5c

iPad Retina

If you like these, please feel free to let me know – I will get to it and make more repeat patterns to share with you! Perhaps a desktop background next time? Or free printables?

Inside My Sketchbook: 5

I’m not feeling very inspired to draw at the moment, but I’m trying to push through that and just draw whatever, even if I think its super boring/predictable!

I’m also not getting on with this Leuchtturm sketchbook. It doesn’t like watercolour at all (!!!) and I’m finding it very limiting, and not in a bring-out-your-creativity sort of way. What do you do when you don’t get on with a sketchbook? Do you try to finish it because its a waste not to, or do you just start a new one?

Is anyone thinking about doing ‘May We Draw Daily’ this year? I might just go for it and see what happens!

Etsy Shop Update/Reopening

My Etsy shop has been receiving a little bit of an overhaul these past few months and I’ve finally uploaded some listings to it! I guess you could call it a miniature reopening. In the process of doing this I’ve also been drawing a lot more, and trying to hunt down, catch and keep my style. I feel like it differs day to day depending on what I’ve seen/read/heard – I guess I’m easily influenced creatively. I do feel like I’m getting there though and I’m expanding my “themes” more as I go to see how far I can stretch. It will be interesting to see how I progress over 2017!

These listings are a mixture of new and older pieces that I’m still happy with, and more will trickle in as I create…

Moon Keeper A3 print – £15 plus shipping. Finished painting this a couple of weeks ago.

Cat Friend A4 print – £5 plus shipping

Imagined Flowers blank greetings card – £2 plus shipping

Honeybee original mini gouache painting in vintage frame – £35 plus shipping

I’ll try to always have a few things to list at a time, so I will do shop updates on here as regularly as I can get things printed.

What would you like to see in my Etsy shop? More “useful” things like notebooks and other stationary? More mini originals? Pins? Let me know!

Inside my sketchbook: 4

Sketchbook update… I’ve been drawing a lot more lately, and having more ideas for finished art pieces – something that hasn’t happened for a while!

Some quick messy warm up sketches

A self portrait – I found out the hard way that this paper doesn’t like watercolour. It bobbles up underneath my paintbrush – so, if you like watercolour in your sketchbooks, maybe don’t go for a Leuchtturm 1917 Sketchbook. Its a pity, because the the most beautiful sketchbook I’ve ever owned!

This has since turned in to a gouache painting, and will be for sale on my Etsy shop some time next week.

And I’m just about to start making a painting out of this one, too! I’ll be testing out a new watercolour paper as well, I have a feeling its going to spoil me.

Inside My Sketchbook: 3

Anyone else having trouble signing in to their Flickr accounts? I haven’t had any issues until today, beginning to wonder if its something to do with the security breach they experience at the end of December! *hyperventilates*

I really wanted to make a blog post today about whats been going on inside my sketchbook for the past little while, so I’m rather pained that I had to use some of my WordPress storage for these!

It was Harry’s and my 5th year together at the end of November, so I got all mushy and drew us from a Photo Booth photo we had taken in Amsterdam…

I had a little bit of fun with Lino printing again – I haven’t used this medium in a looong time. I’d really like to do some Lino printing on unbranded notebooks to sell online. If anyone has any suggestions for where I might be able to find small amounts of these – please let me know!

We travelled to Hastings in December, and while Harry was in a job interview for a while (he got the job, yay!) I started to draw this. It ended up turning in to a weird little 3 part series. It was super fun to experiment with different colours for sketching other than graphite.

Zissou being cheeky, because I can’t help myself.

Aaaand this one isn’t quite in my sketchbook per say. I made it on my iPad Pro for this cute thing thats doing the rounds on Instagram called “#MeetTheArtist”. I’m still kinda struggling with calling myself an artist, but it was too fun to pass up!

Inside My Sketchbook: 2

Some pages from my sketchbook, drawn over the last couple of weeks. Since finishing Inktober I am definitely drawing more, although not quiiiite every day.

The above will hopefully be available as a print in my etsy shop soon. I’m trying to tie together a new website and etsy re-launch at the same time, but we’ll see how it goes…

There have been an abundance of illustrators that I follow using Prismacolor Col-erase pencils for a looong time now, so I finally decided to see what the fuss was all about. They’re pretty great, huh?! So much cleaner than pencil! And a lot less harsh when inking/painting overtop. Kicking myself for not buying them sooner, whoops!

Inktober & Patreon

Hello everyone! This year I’m going to be participating in Inktober!

For those who don’t know, Inktober is a drawing challenge that goes on throughout October. The aim is to use ink to draw something every day. EVERY DAY. I realise this is going to be a real challenge for me, as I am 👑procrastination queen👑, but I feel like I NEED this right now. I’m at the tail end of a serious dose of art block, I can feeeeel it, and this is something that might help me immensly. Or turn me in to a pile of inky mush. We’ll see. For more info on Inktober, click here.

At the end of this challenge I’d really like to get a very limited number of books printed of everything I’ve drawn during the challenge to sell, and that’s where Patreon comes in! Patreon is a website that allows people to support creators to grow and continue working regularly. As a supporter you will receive little treats from me, in the form of discounts, previews of prints & originals before they go live anywhere else, the occasional video and maybe even little packages!

For more info on Patreon, click here!

My Patreon Profile

Some Sketches & the Thing With Calling Yourself an Artist

I feel like the term/description “artist” is thrown around quite a lot, especially now with social media platforms like Instagram, where you can share your artwork in an instant. It makes me feel uncomfortable because anyone can just put “I’m an artist” in their about me/profile and that’s that. Instantly – they’re an aaaaartist. Although some people do, I’ve never been able to openly say or consider myself to be an artist. A. I don’t feel like I’ve produced enough work, B. I haven’t studied, C. I haven’t sold a lot of my work or had it in galleries, D. Maybe I’m just too shy/modest to consider myself to be something so authoritative. Because, let’s face it, being able to call yourself an artist means you are an expert in your field, an authority on what you do. And I am definitely not that. I’m just a girl who loves to create.

I’m also struggling with my illustrative “voice” right now. What do I want to say with my illustrations? What stories am I telling? Explaining why I’ve created/like things has always been a downfall of mine, and I feel it’s probably the main thing that is holding me back from diving in to the world of freelance illustration/design, and what’s stopping me having more of an audience. Maybe I need to work on cultivating my voice (*gag* that sounds so cheesy) more and finding a bit of meaning in my work. The hard part is figuring out how, I guess!

iPad Sketches

A couple of sketches done on my Ipad from the last few days. I’ve been having really weird dreams lately and I think that fact is seeping its way in to my drawings. Knowing what to do with backgrounds or when to add them in has always been hard for me. I think I need to push myself with them a bit more, it would defintely make my illustrations more interesting!