Inktober Week 2

I’ve been laid out on the sofa sick for most of the week and therefore not been able to create any Inktober drawings, which kinda sucked. These two are the only ones I managed, but I do have a speed drawing/drawing time-lapse video on my youtube of this guy!

Drawing zissou is a little bit too fun for me…


Inktober Week 4

Kind of…I only made one! I had to go away for work from the 25th to the 28th so completely ruined my routine and didn’t have time to draw. It was NOOOON STOP.

I have learnt something from 3 solid weeks of drawing though – A5 is just too small! I want to step up my game and pack in a bit more detail and A5 just isn’t cutting it for me.

I didn’t mind the Moleskine watercolour sketchbook paper as much as I thought I would though, and would definitely go as far to say I will buy another one! Maybe A4 next time…after reading a lot of bad reviews for them since their paper switch up I was expecting it to be completely unworkable, but it was fine for me. Maybe I’m not as picky with paper as I thought I was. Either that or I haven’t experienced truly GOOD paper!